'Fine' by ives.


As an independent creative working toward presenting her vision of the future, via. the collaboration of movement and sound - ives.’ debut of her long-awaited music video ‘Fine’ is but a mere glimpse of what is to come.

ives. as an entity has always longingly aimed for the collaboration of movement and sound and its dual expression. With ‘Fine’, ives. presents a progressive ideal of a developing world in the context of the themes of infatuation and dependence. These are prevalent throughout both the track and visual elements of this piece. ives. sole intention being, “to make people feel”.

Creatively Directed by ives. and impeccably Art Directed by Emilia Florence Design - this piece’s focal elements are colour, texture and light. With Mighty Squid Studios, Cinematography and T.A.V Online, Styling - Fine, is an exemplary work of the benefits of absolute collaboration.

The creative lifestyle is a conscious choice, one that ives. currently seeks and will continue to make. “Fine”, does not disappoint, and, though it starts off pretty mellow, it later gets injected with energy that gives it unique pop elements characteristic of her previous work. In other words, this offering
absolutely wins, and it raises ives.’ musical stock even higher now.”
- Hilly Dilly (Fine - single).

Music: 'Fine' by ives.
Direction & Concept: ives.
Art Direction: Emilia Florence
Producers: Emilia Florence & Mighty Squid Studio
DOP: Mighty Squid Studio
Assistant Director: Jack Chapman
Editor: Mighty Squid Studio
Photography: Ellie Richards
Agency: Mighty Squid Studio