We are crazy about the outdoors too !


Mighty Squid Studio can help boost the profile of Jetboil in New Zealand, by creating a library of relatable and engaging content.


We wish to create a body of Imagery curated for the early risers and late wanderers.

The content will convey the sense of comfort and relaxation that a hot meal can provide in the wild. Beautiful locations, sights and sounds will create a desire to hit the open road.  


This content has the ability to sit across all media platforms

Utilising an always on strategy allows Jetboil to tell a consumer journey, inspire your audience and build a social community that can directly and positively contribute to brand awareness and sales. We want to collaborate to define this user journey using audience and platform insights.


Beautiful products in beautiful places

We want to showcase Jetboil products in the beautiful place we call home - New Zealand. Localising the product connects our target market and encourages the viewer to hit the trails.


Lets talk !