Trip South



“We wish to embark on an expedition around New Zealand with the intention of showcasing the Feldon Shelter in its natural habitat - The Wild”


Four riders / creatives embark on a 7 day trip through uncharted corners of New Zealand’s South Island with the sole purpose of exploring and riding untouched terrain.

to capture the excitement and adventure of hitting the road.   

This journey is one that will showcase the comfort and convenience of a Feldon, to a less capitalised demographic - the mountain biking market. Through recent years the Mountain biking market has had a huge boom - to the point of being referred as ‘the new golf’.

It is a heavily equipment orientated sport with participants spending upwards of $12,000 on their personal bike. We see the Crows Nest as the next big thing at the top of every mountain bikers shopping list.  


Where we’re heading


This content has the ability to sit across all media platforms

Utilising an always on strategy allows Jetboil to tell a consumer journey, inspire your audience and build a social community that can directly and positively contribute to brand awareness and sales. We want to collaborate to define this user journey using audience and platform insights.


Beautiful products in beautiful places

We want to showcase Jetboil products in the beautiful place we call home - New Zealand. Localising the product connects our target market and encourages the viewer to hit the trails.


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